"Come and join my world of Angels. They are there for you, to bring you joy and peace, to make you smile."

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My name is Sasa Broadhurst-Petrovicka.

I was born in 1965 in Slovakia.

angel_divadelny_2After finishing studies on Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, I was involved in many activities in the creative fields of arts, media and advertisement. During the last twenty years I participated in different cultural projects carried out by recognised European institutions such as Royal National Theatre in London, European Culture Foundation in Amsterdam, Austrian Culture Centre, Kinder Museum ZOOM in Vienna etc. 


angel_franceIn 2004 I moved to France (close to Geneva) where I live with my husband and son. A completely new experience : new country, new family, new language and new professional orientations, this upheaval in my life meant that I needed some secret garden, somewhere to be spiritually and physically in tune with myself so I returned to painting



angel_velky_malyMy paintings are a special and personal part of my art activities. I try to express and illustrate through them various human stories and dreams. Angels have always appeared in many of my paintings, however my most recent series of “angel paintings”, which I have named “Time for Angels”, has started during the winter of 2009.


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Sasa financially supports


On a personal level I donate on a monthly basis the non-profit organisation Magna, Children at Risk,, which I believe is helping children with a great deal of integrity.
Magna Children at Risk organises humanitarian and developmental projects to help people in need, whether through poverty, disease, war, or ecological disaster and regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality.